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Veterinary Telemedicine

The coronavirus is accelerating the trend of telemedicine in animal healthcare

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How to use Social Media and Online Channels to Overcome the Crisis
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Telemedicine is a subcategory of telehealth that involves the use of tools to exchange medical information electronically to improve the patients’ clinical health status. Any vet practice can use this technology to enable detailed communication between clients and veterinarians via text message, video or phone calls. Examples include the use of Zoom, Skype or any mobile app available to communicate with clients, visually observe the patients or perform a post-operative follow-up examination with discussion.

Telemedicine is a tool of practice, not a separate discipline within the profession. The appropriate application of telemedicine can enhance animal care by facilitating communication, diagnostics, treatments, client education, scheduling, and many other tasks. Veterinarians can diagnose problems and prescribe medication remotely.

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How to use Social Media and Online Channels to Overcome the Crisis
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